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We offer a unique, simple and cost effective approach to everything technology related.
Private Cinema
Premier new movies in your home with an immersive world-class cinema.
Multisport Simulator
Meet the 21st century recreation room. Where you can gather, connect, relax, and play with family and friends.
Power & Lighting
Never worry about power disruptions again, while reducing your carbon footprint.
Shades & Glass
Maintain the perfect amount of natural light, privacy and temperature regulation, and reduce energy costs.
Home Wellness
Create a safe and balanced atmosphere for a clean, comfortable home that boosts your health and productivity.
Whole Home Systems
Make every aspect of life more convenient, and your home safer, more comfortable, and even easier to enjoy.

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Building in your favorite community.

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Why Nerve

Transforming your vision into a beautifully appointed home that’s designed to stand the test of time, technically and aesthetically.


Your project will be designed to last, with high-quality materials and innovative methods that go far above and beyond accepted standards.


Using the most skilled team in the area enables us to design and build your project faster... much faster.


Unlike most integrators, we start working with you right from the beginning, providing assistance with ideation and design.


We help value engineer your project, identifying where it’s worth investing more money and where a less costly option will provide the results you desire.


From concept to project management, problem solving and quality control - we remove common stresses, and simplify a very complicated process for you.


We have full-time staff and a large network of trusted manufacturers. Giving us the bandwidth to properly manage your custom project, and pay close attention to details.