Cinema / Simulator Room

From Lackluster to World-Class Entertainment

Adding a bunch of equipment no matter how capable or expensive does not guarantee a truly cinematic experience.

Private Cinema Mistakes

We received a call from a homeowner who completed a new home just two years prior and was Disappointed with the Entertainment Room. While the highly-acclaimed architect had designed a unique space the final product fell well short of the caliber to which the rest of the home was finished. Our client said:
We hardly use the room, the front row seats are too close, the back row can’t hear the dialogue and if you turn it up more it just gets worse.
After visiting his home I understood right away why he was so disappointed. He had spent a lot of money on some hi-end gear that I’m sure the salesman promised would deliver an impressive cinema experience.
Unfortunately they had no proper acoustic treatments in the space, a center channel aimed at the knees of the front row of seats, a screen too small for the room and a projector woefully underpowered for even that small screen.


Biggest frustrations:

“We hardly use the room…”

“The back row can’t hear the dialogue…”

Room Problems:

Biggest frustrations:

Custom wall-to-wall curved A.T. screen
Seamlessly integrated multi-sport simulator


The Right Way to Build a Private Cinema

The client wanted to enjoy the latest in Golf simulation and cutting edge cinema experience in the same space!
Working with an existing space, allow room to swing a golf club and provide the best cinema experience would require some major structural and even more cosmetic and design modifications. Our process began with removing the unnecessary stage in the front and filling in the front row pit to provide a hitting area for golf. The client was more focused on every guest having a great experience than maximum seating capac
Installing a new custom wall-to-wall curved screen allowed us the room for proper LCR and screen height channels but there was not an ideal location for the massive subwoofers to provide a cinematic experience. After modeling the space with subs in different locations we realize we could conceal the subwoofers in the ceiling and provide a perfect hidden channel for the drop-down Golf screen while optimizing base distribution in the room!


The Result:

Final result is the absolute best in Golf/Multisport and Private Cinema in the same space and the client could not be happier! Every aspect of play is optimized in the space and with a touch of a button the room transforms to a world class cinema experience complete with Dolby Atmos Surround, D-box motion seats and the latest in LED Digital Cinema imagery

one Happy Client

What our client tells everyone about our work:

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